About Perma-Tune

Perma-Tune LLC, a Twinsburg, Ohio-based manufacturing firm, specializes in high-energy electronic ignition systems for vintage cars. The company's product line includes ignition systems for distributor-type engines of vehicles such as Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini. Although, Perma-Tune's products differ from other manufacturers offering similar products for various reasons.

Perma-Tune's latest-generation ignition module is designed to work with both conventional and multiple electrode spark plugs, resulting in improved engine performance and efficiency. Spark plugs are crucial in igniting the combustion chamber to start the engine. multiple electrode spark plugs used with non-thermal nanosecond discharge plasma ignition, can ignite leaner fuel mixtures and a wider range of fuel formulations, providing increased horsepower, less fuel consumption and less air pollution.

Secondly, Perma-Tune's replacement ignition distributor design mimics the appearance of the original ones from the manufacturers, making them a great option for enthusiasts who want to maintain the car's original look. In addition, the distributors come with bespoke harnesses for easy plug-and-play installation and can be programmed using a free app on your phone.

Furthermore, Perma-Tune's owner and president, Mr. Lonnie Lenarduzzi, brings vast experience and expertise to the company's ignition systems. With over 40 years of experience inventing and manufacturing electronic systems for aerospace, automotive, and energy applications and knowledge in experimental electro physics, he is uniquely equipped to create innovative software architecture and hardware for ignition systems.